What is a pop-up location?

A pop-up location is your dedicated space that is coordinated to your every need and which can be used for the period of time you require, without having to make a long-term commitment using traditional and demanding rental contracts.
Pop-up initiatives promote your idea, brand, new product or service in an original way and in a short period of time, or they can simply be the perfect setting for your private event.
Do you need a unique and unexpected location for a day, a week or a month?
Pop-up locations are the perfect environment for making your dreams come true.
Not just a space, but your own personal event space.

The exclusivity of the “timely” pop-up event

It is exciting to go to an exclusive event that just suddenly “appeared” out of nowhere. To pass in front of a simple garden on the way to work, but to find the space has been unexpectedly and radically transformed when returning home. The beauty of these events is that they are only for a limited period of time, and this limited time frame creates exclusivity.


Location, location, location!

Some of the most interesting places often escape our attention. They are usually unusual places that are normally inaccessible.
They are exclusive spaces that emerge from their traditional context and which are transformed into a new exciting and unexpected pop-up space.
An art gallery? A factory? A car park? A warehouse? A cellar? The options are infinite!


The element of surprise

Pop-up events create the “WOW” factor thanks to the element of surprise.
There is real excitement when you are invited to an event that literally popped up out of nowhere just for you and your guests. You will stand there in amazement as you try to understand how this improvised space has been transformed into an unforgeable one! 


Custom built, limited edition, spectacular event!

Pop-ups are limited edition events.
All pop-ups are designed and made to adapt to the surrounding environment and make the space truly special and unique


The flexibility of your Pop-Up event

There is so much flexibility with a pop-up.
There is flexibility in the choice of the ambience.
There is flexibility in going further and transforming an ordinary space into something extraordinary.
There is flexibility in the choice of food & beverages.

Whether it’s for the launch of a product or marketing campaign or for an incredible wedding party, your pop-up event in the “unexpected” spaces of the Caffè dell’Arte will be unforgeable.

Best price. Guaranteed.

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